Spring can be a very detoxifying season. The concepts of spring-cleaning and spring fever reflect how antsy we are for a total refreshing of mind and body. For the Fashionista, spring fever is analogous to shopping fever as she celebrates the Earth’s rebirth through the rejuvenation of her own wardrobe. Spring is the optimal time to jump on the bandwagon of fresh new trends. While there are dangers in investing too heavily in transient trends, one should also be aware that certain styles inevitably recycle. The best denim trends tend to have short return periods, and recognizing which styles make the Greatest Hits list will help the Fashionista keep her denim dossier forever à la mode.

One look deemed hot for spring is distressed denim, as seen on the runways in Roberto Cavalli and Hood by Air. This Fashionista’s denim exemplifies some of the finest styles for distressing: high waists, boyfriend cuts, and ankle crops. These chic styles effuse such a fresh and cool vibe, begetting a modern outfit with an up-scale normcore air. Her combination of a simple striped T-shirt, chunky black booties and the textured boyfriend coat gives the ensemble a relaxed, almost offhand ease. Moreover, the outfit’s boxy shape offsets the pant’s severe lacerations, balancing the Fashionista’s show of skin and giving the outfit a wholly more modern look.

There was a time when the idea of pre-destroyed jeans was completely original and edgy, but the frequent recurrence of its popularity has made it a natural style to Fashionistas/os, even though it may still make our grandparents cringe and prompt pragmatists to ask “why did you spend so much on pants with holes in them?!” Nevertheless, distressed jeans are the optimal denim for spring and summer. In light, faded washes they exude a comfy, worn-in vibe and fit so well with the bright, airiness of the season. While they add edginess to an ensemble, distressed denim is surprising versatile for such a seemingly extreme look. If that weren’t enough, the holes act like built in air conditioners for spring days that tread the line between temperate and sweltering.

So feel free to embrace this denim trend, you don’t even have to break the bank to do so. Go to a local thrift store for pairs that you can rough up yourself. You can also rummage through the recesses of your own closet for your old, worn-in jeans. What better way is there to achieve that sentimental lived-in look? Dressed up or down, distressed jeans can accommodate a variety of aesthetics and occasions: pair them with a graphic T-shirt and leather jacket for a concert, or with some sweet penny loafers and a blouse for a weekend picnic. Finally, have as much fun composing your outfits as you do in the experiences you have while wearing them!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Find a balance in your wardrobe between basics and really bold, unique pieces; the variety gives you a lot of outfit options.”