The number one thing that makes me happy about fashion is that it gives every single a person a chance to be unique. Personal style can speak volumes about a person, so when I spotted this Fashionista walking down the sidewalk on campus, I immediately noticed her simple, yet quirky look.

At a school of 45,000 students, many people shy away from standing out. Maybe it’s because students find it hard to do at Penn State or maybe it’s because the idea of being unique is a little intimidating. This Fashionista made a point to say she doesn’t care what others think of what she wears, and that’s exactly why she stood out to me.

Her outfit is the perfect winter-to-spring transition ensemble. Her skirt, which features a fun checkered print adds playfulness and detail to an otherwise simple, earthy look. Her black mock neck top is über trendy at the moment, just like the olive green utility coat she wears unbuttoned.

To keep her legs warm, this Fashionista threw on a pair of opaque black tights from Urban Outfitters and added an adorable pair of brown basket weave oxfords as a finishing touch. The shoes were my personal favorite—they are perfect for the sunny 50-degree weather and comfortable enough to trek all over campus in.

The two elements of this outfit that really caught my attention were the flannel lining inside of her coat adding a pop of color to her look and the show-stealing oxfords.

After speaking with this Fashionista for a bit, I learned that my two favorite pieces came straight from thrift stores. I was more impressed rather than surprised. I’ve always thought people, especially broke college students, should take advantage of the hidden treasure in thrift stores. This Fashionista got her coat from a thrift store in Maryland and her shoes from a thrift store in Penn State’s very own backyard, downtown State College.

The thrift store pieces were incorporated effortlessly into this Fashionista’s look, and she proved that cute, stylish trends can be found anywhere. Her look was quirky, unique and trendy, while also comfortable and class appropriate. It was an all-around win.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear whatever you want; wear whatever you feel good in. Don’t care about what other people think of your clothes.”