May 12th, 2015 at 2:10am

Tiller hats are invading every style. From music festivals to walking down the runway to bushwhacking your way through a tropical rain forest, these hats are everywhere.

Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. And who could blame them? If you could look a fraction as cool as Harrison Ford’s character, Indiana Jones, I’d consider it a success! With versatility and a wide range of style and material, these hats are here to stay. With so many tiller hats out there in the world, there’s the fear of looking like everyone else. Since they bridge so many occasions and styles, how is a Fashionisto/a going to stand out? By following this Fashionisto’s guidance, you will surely be unique.

This Fashionisto masters his American Southwest-inspired look. He starts it off by pairing a pair of navy blue pants with a white T-shirt. His Vans have cow skull and pueblo designs, adding to the outfit. He keeps visual continuity with the leather color and texture. His grandfather’s belt looks used but in good condition. It matches the leather strap for his Canon camera and the strap for his tiller. He tops it all off with his tortoise shell glasses that go nicely with his leather.

The tiller hat can be used all year-round. I believe this is one reason this trend is so popular. Add a little of your favorite accent or emulate a style to maximize your one of a kind look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I go for the hippie, skater, carpenter look.”