Even though we are slowly approaching warmer weather, our college campuses are still engulfed with the chilliness of that seemingly never-ending winter season. This time of the year gets difficult—sometimes the weather is indecisive, which makes it harder to pick out a suitable and stylish outfit. No need to worry though, our featured Fashionista will show her go-to look for this season.

This Fashionista is showing off her new favorite look of the season, a plaid poncho. This outfit essential is fashionable and also affordable. You can dress it up, like she did here with a hat and cute booties, or dress it down with some ripped jeans and simple shoes. You can also add you’re favorite accessories to this look, like a simple watch or statement necklace.

This Fashionista’s bold poncho makes her stand out wherever she goes. It is an upcoming trend, and is accompanied by cuteness and comfort to make it an all around must-have this season. It is loose, comfy and made with a soft and delicate fabric that doesn’t make it too heavy to wear in the warmer seasons. It is a great length to accompany any sort of pant style, without overbearing and covering the outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My main focus with my outfit choices are trendiness and comfort. I love an outfit that makes a statement, but it has to be comfortable to wear at any time of the day. This poncho allows me to feel great about my look, while being totally at ease with the feel of my outfit. You can dress this poncho up, or dress it down…it’s really about you, and whatever you’re feeling!”