It is no secret that this “spring” has been a roller coaster of temperatures. I can recall wearing a short sleeve shirt and wanting to break out my shorts and then the following day, snow had covered the ground as I walked to school in the morning. On one of these snowy, beautiful but unwanted days, I ran into this Fashionista. She was getting her last wear out of her warm clothes until she could break them out again for next season. I saw her from across the street and was captured with admiration by her beautiful, oversized scarf.

These oversized scarfs are on-trend and for many stylish and comfortable reasons. The similarities to a blanket hardly go unnoticed, for one. Getting out of bed, especially in the cold is absolutely terrible. You have been snuggled in bed all night long, wrapped in your layers of blankets and then your alarm goes off screaming at you to get to class on time. Knowing you can wrap right back up into a stylish “blanket” to wear to class is a very convincing reason to get out of bed and be productive.

Chunky or soft, oversized scarfs are on-trend, so it is best to get your last wear out of them for this season before the flowers start blooming. Beware…there is the possibility of wearing too much scarf. Before leaving your house, take a look at yourself in the mirror so you can see how these beauties look when wrapped around your neck, and to make sure it doesn’t resemble a duvet!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wearing oversized scarves has been my favorite trend this winter, I have such a collection! Make sure that when you are wearing something this large in size, the pattern doesn’t over power the look with busy designs.”