Although the weather is changing it’s not quite warm enough for shorts and tank tops yet. Shedding your winter coat is always a nice thing to do, but we still have to dress for warmth. Cozy sweaters are a great way to toss the coat while still being warm enough for the early spring months. Although it can be easy to just toss on a hoodie, a fabulous Fashionista like this one knows it’s much more stylish to wear a structured knit or a sweater dress to keep warm. This way no coat is needed!

This Fashionista’s knit dress keeps her both warm and stylish. The detailed knit is unique and fun, even though it’s only a solid color; solid knits can be a great structured part of an outfit! However, there are also unique knits that can make an outfit exciting and unique, changing things up. As this Fashionista shows us, adding a cute and fun boot can also dress the outfit up, while still being fitting for the colder weather. These strappy boots are a lot of fun, and are more detailed than the knit.

Dressing for the weather of the early spring can be confusing. While it’s no longer winter and not quite summer, it doesn’t mean one’s dress has to be confusing. Cute sweaters and boots make the transition from winter to summer cute and comfortable while also being nice and cozy.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I hate to be cold, so it’s important for me to stay warm, but I won’t sacrifice looking cute, and neither should anyone else.”