Celebrity gossip is addicting. Nowadays social media makes celebrity news much more accessible. Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram make it easy to keep up to date on the daily activities of our beloved celebrities.

Many people look to celebrity gossip for news, but others look for fashion inspiration. Unless you live under a rock you probably know that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The birth of Princess Charlotte was global news and because of it many Fashionistos took the opportunity to gain inspiration from the royal family.

The royal family adds a playful touch to the common trend of dressing preppy. Another trend that is modeled by multiple members of the royal family is ruffles. Based on this Fashionista’s appearance one can tell that she followed this preppy trend perfectly by duplicating one of Kate Middleton’s famous looks. She also modeled off the ruffle look by wearing a ruffled dress.

Being preppy is all about staying simply and elegant. This Fashionista did just that by including minimal pieces into her look. For her outfit, this Fashionista stayed true to being preppy by wearing a dress from Lily Pulitzer. She made her outfit affordable by purchasing her dress from the Lily Pulitzer for Target collection. By adding rhinestone studded sandals and rings she completed her look.  Her outfit may be inexpensive, but it certainly looks like it was made for a queen.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My style advice would be to grab a cute sundress from your closet and doll it up with accessories. My current obsession is the Lily Pulitzer line from Target.”