STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Dress Is Still Unwritten

This Fashionista cought my eye strolling through campus because her edgy outfit is so perfectly put together. I was instantly drawn to her crushed velvet burgundy dress. I have been seeing dresses, crop tops and even skirts like this in many of the stores over the last six months. This Fashionista has paired her dress with a black leather moto jacket, black sheer polka-dot printed tights, black Dr. Martens and a high-low black and gold necklace.

Originally, velvet may only have been worn by royalty on lavish garments such as cloaks, but it has since moved down to the masses. This reappearance of the crushed velvet has really caught the eye of many Fashionistas because it can be worn in so many different ways. Crushed velvet can be styled in an edgy fashion, such as this Fashionista has done. Or, it can be softened by pairing it with soft, loose and light garments. This specific dress could be paired with a white oversized blazer and a pair of soft nude leather ballet flats. It could also be paired with an oversized neutral cardigan and brown booties to create more of a boho-inspired look. There are a lot of ways crushed velvet can be styled, especially depending on the garment you choose in the material.

It really is a fantastic fabric to wear. It is soft and usually a medium weight, so it can be worn alone in warmer months, or layered up in colder months. It also is flexible and easy to move in, making it perfect for going to class, work or out on the town. It can be found in an array of colors today making it a very versatile fabric. The crushed velvet, while even in a solid color, gives enough shine and depth that there is no need to wear a pattern with it because it can hold it’s own without one.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My advice is to be confident and bold in whatever you wear, and own it!”