STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Coziest Of Pattern Clashes

At Kent State University (especially during the fall months) one quickly learns the ins and outs of basic Northeast Ohio winter wear. Repeat after me: cozy layers, cozy layers topped with more cozy layers. In addition to the vast variety of layers and rich jewel tones that come with them, one must also recognize and admire all the textural possibilities that become available to you once the bare trees become more prominent. Classic plaids, quilted vests, Nordic knits, Victorian prints and darker Liberty florals all make their presence known and they all do their part in making the weather outside be less frightful, and just a little bit more delightful.

But would we say that the same rules apply to them as to the solid colors of our wardrobes? In the case of “don’t wear more than one in one instance,” this week’s Fashionista would say not! Although many would say that the combination of knee-high boots, leggings, a scarf and an oversized knit cardigan are “basic,” this bubbly Fashionista proves otherwise. She breaks the monotony of this commonplace outfit by introducing unexpected combinations of pattern play.

She ensures that this works by ensuring that the conflicting patterns complement each other by matching other parts of the outfit. If this sounds a bit confusing, you can see our Fashionista demonstrate this by matching her scarf with her boots and her cardigan with her top and bottom. It’s also helpful to keep in mind that pattern mixing generally works better when one pattern is more subdued than the other. In this case, this can be shown by our Fashionista, who chose to pair her attention-grabbing crimson and yellow hued scarf with a more muted black, cream and blush patterned cardigan.

Are the Kent winds making you feel chillier than usual and slightly miserable? The time is now to invest heavily in a sturdy winter coat that’ll last you years. Why not try one in a bold print that’ll transcend fads and will always start a conversation?

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to mix patterns.”