STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Comeback of the Jean Skirt

This article is dedicated to a trend that has grown to be very near and dear to our hearts. The comeback of all comebacks has finally happened: jean skirts are on trend again. Let the 2009 you rejoice; this closet staple will be everywhere this season. Staying true to the trends that have been taking the fashion world by storm, the best jean skirts are high-waisted, and they are made even better by adding a button-up detail like the one that this Fashionista is wearing.

With the high-waisted element, you will be able to wear this skirt in so many ways, but I love that this Fashionista paired it with such a trendy top. Off-the-shoulder tops are huge right now, and the cropped aspect of this one made it a perfect match for this skirt. Jean skirts tend to be plain and the material is soft, so the pattern of this shirt added just the right amount of texture to her outfit. If you missed this trend the first time around, now is your chance to recreate it.

With the days in Clemson getting warmer and warmer, girls can’t wait to finally get out of the rut of wearing jeans and pants; there are only so many different varieties of these, let’s be honest. So, embrace the warm weather and the new trends all around you this spring. With the smaller tops that are going to be seen all around this season, adding in a choker is the perfect way to pull the whole outfit together with the smallest accessory. Don’t forget that trends aren’t only in the clothing; accessories make a huge difference.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I was a huge jean skirt girl in middle school, and ever since senior year of high school, I have been waiting for them to make a comeback. These are so versatile and comfortable; you can wear them whenever and wherever.”