School is almost over, and it’s understandable that the only thing you’re focusing on is passing your final exams. Planning your outfit might mean breaking out whatever casual clothes have the most comfortable fit. For these type of busy days, sometimes the outfit you need is the look this Fashionista is wearing.

This week’s STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK brings a whole new meaning to the term “minimalism.” Not only did this Fashionista efficiently use her basics, but she also layered in a piece that’s trending this spring. Vests are your go-to item when it comes to layering your next look. This vest in particular works for her outfit because it’s light and easy to pair with her shirt. It’s better to wear a vest than to wear a jacket during the spring because you’ll never be too hot or too cold. This Fashionista is wearing her attire in the most comfortable and casual way possible.

Easy to imitate and find, the springwear items this Fashionista is wearing include a pair of dark jeans, a basic long sleeve shirt and a safari green vest. Her purse also adds a pop of color to her outfit. Wearing any type of vest with this outfit can be fun because all of the other pieces are so basic. My personal favorite is this jean vest or if you want to go bolder, this leather vest. To avoid getting too comfortable with the basics, I suggest finding a printed vest you love that stands out from the rest.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Even when you’re wearing something as basic as jeans and a white shirt, you should always try and wear something that makes you stand out. Try something like a fur vest or a bold purse.”