The transition between winter and spring can be a little crazy and unpredictable. If you are like me, you are probably the worst person to pick an outfit for this type of “weather/season.” Unfortunately, we have had an extremely awkward year regarding the seasons and it can make the “being fashionable aspect” of our lives a little difficult. *Insert crying face here.*

Walking around campus, in what I thought was a decent combination of a sweatshirt and sweatpants, I ran into a Fashionisto with the most simple but most beautiful outfit: dark jeans, a knit sweater from Polo Ralph Lauren and a pair of leather boots. The Fashionisto picked a beige sweater and a light shade of brown boots, which made his green eyes stick out behind his glasses and shine on their own.

When I think of this outfit in general, I just think about how a simple combination can dress you up for any occasion. This Fashionisto’s outfit reminds me of J.Crew’s spring 2016 menswear collection. J.Crew utilizes a lot of simple colors and monochromatic outfits that can have you ready for any occasion: from going to class, to a club meeting, to dinner. The Fashionisto simply added some jeans instead of khakis in order to make it more unique and more casual.

How do you pull out this outfit? Find a beige knit sweater that you like, a pair of dark jeans or a pair of khaki’s and a pair of leather boots, which could be black instead of brown!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Keep it simple! When you can’t decide what to wear, a simple outfit can do the trick.”