If you are currently in college for the first time or entering college, you were probably born during the ‘90s. Although the ‘60s and ‘70s were known for their iconic looks, the ‘90s, our childhood years, were also filled with funky, fun and fresh fashion trends. This included high top shirts, tucking in shirts and of course an obsession in jean apparel.

This Fashionista decided to pair a white patterned T-shirt with a jean skirt for a ‘90s inspired causal look perfect for the spring to summer transition. Although the T-shirt is simple, when taking another glance one could notice the vintage floral pattern printed on the shirt. This print is not only effortlessly simple and cute, but it complements the overall look perfectly without overpowering a thing. My favorite and key point for this shirt is the rolled up sleeves. By rolling up the sleeves neatly, it allows the T-shirt to be fitted perfectly to your body and emphasize the ‘90s period as well.

The jeans skirt is the key element that ties the ‘90s look all together. Why? Well, during the ‘90s jeans were all the rave, with Fashionistas/os wearing jean material apparel from head to toe. This Fashionista’s choice in a button-down skirt is a choice well made. The vertical line of the buttons and the seams in addition to the high-waist line gives off a slimming effect by creating the illusion of a higher waist and longer legs.

In order to complete the throwback look, this Fashionista wore simple black strapped flats with a small black leather pouch. The black strapped flats are not only simple to complement just about any outfit but are also totally comfortable for a long day out. The small black leather pouch has an aged look which gives off a vintage and authentic feel that blends well with the overall outfit. The pouch is also the perfect size to fit all the essentials and still be able to locate everything in seconds.

The ’90s, also known as our childhood, was a great time period in fashion which we all should appreciate. Why? Well, not only because we were raised during that time, but because it was the time which shaped our young identities and made us who we are today. So thank you ’90s, for your fashion fun and so much more.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Clothing is not gendered so you shouldn’t limit your clothing style to what the gender binary expects of you. Dare to wear things that challenge traditional expectations of what is ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine’ and don’t be afraid to make people uncomfortable.”