Most of us take a long look at color and pattern when we are picking out a bomb outfit. But do we look that closely at texture? Although sometimes over-looked, texture allows us to create more dimension in an outfit, and this trend is becoming more and more popular each day. Fabrics are not just focusing on shape and pattern, but also touch. Texture stands out in an outfit, because it is something that is tangible and visually capturing. This is why pairing a knit scarf with a sleek, shiny fabric is more visually interesting. For example, if a Fashionista/o was wearing an outfit of all denim, the ensemble might come across as a little flat.

This Fashionisto was spotted in downtown Charleston and I could not help but notice the array of fabrics in his wardrobe. He was extremely thrilled to be a part of my article, and he even expressed that texture is something he always adds to his outfit. Interested in adding some of this Fashionisto’s style into one of your looks? You can pick up these similar, sleek Nikes. Or go full-texture mode with this amazing T-shirt!

How does a Fashionista/o pair up different textures? It is all in the fun. Allow yourself to be creative and mix two fabrics that you might not have thought go together! Let your inner (or should I say outer) Style Guru take the lead!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My main focus with texture is to have fun with it and mix and match different styles until I feel like it expresses what I want to say.”