Spring has arrived, finals are on their way, and that means so is graduation. This Fashionista’s style has matured over her four years in school and evolved with trends going in and out as they always do. As we are faced with our everyday schedules, life moves pretty fast and can get ahead of us. Personally, I make about a thousand lists of all of the things I have to get done on a daily basis. While this can be stressful, I always love taking a break for myself to explore trends and what’s going on in the contemporary realm of fashion around me. Ten minutes on Pinterest or a half hour keeping up with my favorite bloggers is enough to update me on fads and give myself a rewarding mental break!

I love this outfit because it is so versatile. This army green jacket is perfect because it is nice and light in case you find yourself out on a sunny day. Booties seem to be a trend talked about in a lot of my articles, but why wouldn’t they be? They are awesome to wear during fall, winter, and spring! Booties are both comfortable and cute to accompany so many outfits. Also, it is such an easy swap from booties to sandals or even Nike running shoes as the weather warms up! I like how this Fashionista pairs a nude mock neck tank top with this outfit to lighten things up. In my opinion this is a very Yeezy-inspired look with neutral, army green and shades of black. She also complements the darker colors of her jeans and jacket with great gold jewelry and a tiny cross-body bag.

One thing I have learned in college is that crossbody bags are your absolute best friend. If you’re grabbing a nice dinner with friends, you want to make sure that you have something small to hold all your essentials. For me this means my wallet and credit card, my phone, makeup for touch ups and of course my favorite lipstick. These bags are great for fitting it all without having the hassle of a big tote and will keep everything accessible in one place. kate spade, Tory Burch and Fossil all carry very cute ones in great size variations. I have two favorite cross-body bags that I bring everywhere with me just in case, and I end up using them almost every time!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Invest in a go-to cross-body bag and you won’t regret it! Also when shopping, make sure to think of the uses for the item. If you can’t think of three times you can utilize the apparel or accessory, they aren’t worth the buy.”