November 24th, 2015 at 2:05am

Ask my friends and they’ll tell you I’m going through a pink phase. Move over, Picasso—blues are overrated. In particular, rose gold dominates my life. One step inside my apartment will clarify this as a rosy color-blocking rug, a pink print of Marie Antoinette and the hostess herself who dons newly dyed hair (see my current Style Guru pic for further proof) will greet you.

I partner my love for the color pink with the dark tones and quirky prints that dominate my wardrobe, which help me channel the lovely Harriet Charity Verney circa Teen Vogue 2014. That explains why this week’s Fashionista stood out to me. The eccentric vibe of her outfit exudes an “I don’t care what you think” attitude that I view as an important position for women to adopt in terms of their sartorial choices. When one adopts this mentality, the possibilities become endless—both for the short-term (e.g. picking a daily outfit), as well as long-term.

Want to adopt this attitude for yourself? You can start by sporting an outfit like this Fashionista’s to your Monday seminar. Pair an oversized denim jacket, courtesy of American Apparel, with embellished jeans. Who knew bedazzled attire that defined the Lizzie McGuire-That’s So Raven era in the early 2000s would make a comeback? Bring the look together by adding an oversized graphic T-shirt and a pair of oxfords. Your own unique take on this outfit can be replicated in minutes, which means you can hit snooze on Monday morning without worrying about wearing sweatpants and sliders to class. This is a #tbt I definitely approve of.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Try experimenting with androgynous fashion, like baggy menswear on women or feminine looks on men. Perhaps gender-bending fashion will help us take one step closer to erasing gender stereotypes.”