Autumn is the indisputable best season for fashion, simply because boots replace flip flops, but it isn’t necessarily time yet to pull out your heaviest winter parka from storage. There are certain staples that never go out of style for fall fashion; leather jackets, neutral sweaters and dark nail polish, to name a few. But one statement piece has been particularly on trend lately: suede boots.

Suede is everywhere this season, whether it’s in the form of a fringe mini or leggings. Suede boots epitomize the effectively effortless “cool girl” look, adding an edge to any outfit; they’re perfectly fine on their own, or they can be taken to the next level when matched with other fun textures like leather. It’s a trend being shown by everyone, from Balenciaga to Zara, proving that it can be both high-end and affordable for all Fashionistas. Whether you decide to wear it on its own or with another trend, you’re guaranteed to add instant cool to your look.

So how can one incorporate the chic trend? This Fashionista took the concept and added her own personal bohemian style. She paired the statement boots with a flowy, patterned dress, tying a knot in the side of the dress to draw even more attention down toward her shoes. She kept her jewelry and makeup to a minimum, letting the outfit speak for itself. Another way to take the suede trend to the next level? Rock the over the knee look, like our Fashionista did. The navy blue color doesn’t hurt either! Rather than sticking to the typical fall neutrals, she went all in with a bold color that’s an instant attention-grabber.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear what makes you feel confident. You can always spice up an outfit by mixing up textures, and suede is a perfect texture for fall.”