Spring has officially sprung and sweater weather is back in season! The sun is starting to shine a little brighter and the days are getting warmer and every girl’s favorite time of year has begun again. Being able to step outside without your bulky winter coat is one of the best feelings. Just because there’s still snow on the ground doesn’t mean it’s not melting.

Sweaters have been around for decades and there are so many different types that can create any look you’re going for. From cardigans to crops they can also be worn almost anytime of the year. The sweater trend has been hot and heavy for a while with the comfy oversized sweaters for those cozy winter days, cardigans to top off any outfit and cropped sweaters for cool summer nights in your high-waisted shorts. Spring is the perfect time to wear all the sweaters in your closet because guess what? No more puffy jackets needed. You can just walk out the door, no unnecessary extra fabric required.

This Fashionista is embracing her warmer days with a simple light sweater and leggings and she adds a cute vest for a little extra warmth. Her outfit was completed with three simple pieces but put together it creates a look. Her purple sweater goes great paired with black leggings and boots but could also look just as cute with a pair of jeans and Converse. Her sweater also has a sequined pocket to add a little fun and flare.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Comfy and casual is the key to this outfit. That’s the great part about sweaters they are so soft and cozy but also come in so many colors and patterns you still get a great outfit out of them for almost any occasion.”