November 18th, 2016 at 2:00am

As the crisp autumn air grazes our skin, it’s worth taking some time out to relish the fleeting days of comfortable weather before winter arrives. Even though it has become too chilly for only T-shirts, dresses, button-ups and blouses, there are still many other ways to put together a stylish and comfortable ensemble.

With the temperature in Manhattan fluctuating between the 50s and the 60s, it’s not quite cold enough for those oversized Canada Goose’s and trash-bag aesthetic Moncler puffer jackets. So instead, many Fashionistas and Fashionistos choose to layer their outfits so they are able to stay warm in the cold, but also shed articles of clothing when things heat up. This technique allows one to devise new style combinations, unthought of in the summer, without having to invest too much in new winter clothing before those Black Friday sales.

With these recurring mild breezes, a simple wool, cashmere or cotton sweater is something that would benefit everyone in this weather. Sweaters provide a coziness and distinct look that hoodies and crewnecks just fall a bit short of doing. They’re also extremely versatile in that a T-shirt can be worn underneath and an article of outerwear on top. Whether you are wearing an outlandish Coogi sweater or a suave UNIQLO one, all sweaters can be easily paired with jeans or slacks and almost any type of footwear from sneakers to Brogues.

The Fashionisto pictured here is wearing a half turtleneck sweater from Topman with a camel fur overcoat from Club Monaco. These neutral shades allow him to pair these articles of clothing with black Fear of God ankle zip trousers and Clarks desert boots, adding a twist of street-wear to the sophisticated and sleek look. Finally, the iconic Burberry scarf and aviators add the finishing touches to the outfit, giving the Fashionisto the opportunity to express his particular tastes.

The versatility and the convenience of a sweater in these final weeks of fall make it a necessity in everyone’s wardrobe. If you haven’t found that favorite sweater yet, I suggest you go searching for it next time you go shopping. It doesn’t matter if you pick one up from your local thrift or boutique, just make sure its comfort and style meets your expectations because it will be an indispensable part of your wardrobe from now until the beginning of March.