Yes, You Can Wear Your Silk Scarf In The Winter — Here's How

Yes, You Can Wear Your Silk Scarf In The Winter — Here's How

I’m high-key obsessed with silk scarves. And while many people think they are purely a warm-weather extra only to be worn on a spring day in Paris (ah, the dream), the beauty of this piece’s simplicity is that it can totally be added to a cold-weather outfit too—and without disappearing into your layers if you know how to play it right. Keep scrolling to learn five ways I like to work a bandana into my looks all year long.

PHOTO: Natalie Geisel

Keep it Classic by Knotting in the Front

Not a fan of straying away from the basics? That’s okay—sometimes we aren’t, either. Go the traditional route by wrapping a silk bandana around your neck twice and leaving the bow in the front. Pairing this with a velvet wrap dress, a leather jacket, and staple boots proves that sometimes classic is the most on trend.

PHOTO: Natalie Geisel

Wear It Like a Choker and Tie It in the Back

This one’s easy—simply take the first style and turn it around, and a traditional neck scarf just became a choker. Instead of wearing the classic necklace, however, this one also acts as a neck warmer for those colder temps. Finishing a vintage T-shirt and oversize jacket with this style instantly transforms a laid-back look into an effortlessly cool one.

PHOTO: Natalie Geisel

Layer It Over a Turtleneck

When winter officially hits, sometimes turtlenecks just aren’t enough. Enter the neck scarf. Doubling up with a turtleneck and a neck scarf by simply wrapping and tying the bandana around your neck once both adds extra protection and creates a high-fashion look.

PHOTO: Natalie Geisel

Loop It onto Your Jeans

When temps drop, all I really want to do is slip into a cozy sweater and call it a day. Spoiler alert: You can do this and still look great. Simply thread a scarf through the front belt loop of your most comfortable jeans to make a four-piece outfit appear far more put-together than it really is. Pro tip: Matching the bandana to your boots will work wonders for your look.

PHOTO: Natalie Geisel

Try It as a Bracelet and Loop It Around Your Wrist

Take your look to the next level by wrapping a scarf around your wrist. Tie it over a mesh top layered under a velvet jumpsuit to take layers to the next level this winter.

Do you have any other new ways to style a silk scarf? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured photo by Natalie Geisel.

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  1. None of those outfits are winter outfits though. I’ve concluded silk scarves are best for spring/summer, or warmer weather. In winter I’d wear a cashmere scarf

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