STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Sum(mering) Up The Winter In Style

While the winter weather might be here to stay for a couple more months, the lineups have been announced for summer music festivals, leaving the summer loving hearts of Fashionistas/os everywhere daydreaming for breezy beachy duds. Those daydreams just might come true a little early this year. This Fashionisto’s stellar pairing of winter and summer essentials creates a look that is nautically fun while still remaining appropriate for the winter season.

I’ve seen the oh-so trendy pairing of sweaters over summer dresses on Fashionistas all around campus, but this Fashionisto’s style is truly universal for the beach lover in all of us. Starting with the classic summer pairing of red and blue, the look screams nautical. But don’t let him fool you; this blazer is as warm for the walks to winter classes on campus as it is stylish. Paired with a cream sweater, the look stays true to the winter season’s more reserved color palette and temperatures. The alligator shoes are the perfect touch to the preppy vibe of this outfit.

My favorite part of this outfit is the subtle pattern mixing. If you look closely enough at this Fashionisto’s blazer, the bold stripes are paired with a delicate paisley pattern on the hem, giving this classic look a trendy twist. The winter season has been filled with trendy pairings of plaid and stripes, and the combination of paisley and stripes in this Fashionisto’s outfit is sure to finish this winter season in style. To imitate this look, simply pair your favorite blazer with a trendy printed shirt or warm sweater underneath. Switch the dress pants to jeans, and add a pair of sneakers for a instantly cool and easy look for class.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to mix patterns or clothes from different seasons together! It will double the wardrobe you already have with an eclectic twist!”