Nothing speaks summer quite like bright colors. A great way to add some excitement to your summer wardrobe is by focusing on bright colored shoes…and I mean, who doesn’t love shoes? My theory is that shoes can make or break an outfit and ultimately determine the aura of a look. This Fashionisto supported my colorful shoe theory when I spotted him this week.

This Fashionisto’s favorite summertime look is all about the shoe game. He was not shy to tell me his closet ranged from Sperry Top-Siders to Nikes and to the bold Vans I caught him wearing. These low-top laced-up sneakers really capture all the attention. Printed shoes are a fantastic way to have a focal point and really have one bold element stand out. Why, you may ask? Well, specifically with this Fashionisto’s sneakers, the tropical turquoise and pink bring out a nice summer tan while enhancing a summery quality in his overall appearance. In addition, the pink matches perfectly with his shorts. Besides all this, his shoe choice is comfortable! There’s nothing better than being able to look good and be comfortable—especially when encountering daily summer adventures.

Some personality was added to the look when this Fashionisto wore his Italian and Irish heritage on a silver chain. He also sported an Adidas watch because losing track of time during the busy season of summer is a common yet dangerous thing!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Be yourself, be confident and do not worry what other people think.”