There is no denying that scarves are a must during these cold winter months. It feels as if the winter is never going to end, leaving us forever stuck in this cold climate. The only thing that seems to help me stay warm is a scarf. Scarves provide the perfect amount of warmth while also adding style to an outfit. Many men on campus are hesitant toward wearing scarves, which is why this Fashionisto stood out to me. He wore his striped scarf with confidence.

This Fashionisto’s scarf stood out in his outfit. His plain gray jacket complemented the colors of the scarf very nicely. He wore a simple and basic outfit underneath. His black shirt and khaki pants are very versatile and provide a base for the outfit. This helped the stripes of his scarf to stand out and add a pop of color. Scarves are the perfect layering accessory because they allow you to stay warm while walking outside in frigid weather but stay cool in classrooms and buildings. They are easy to remove and put back on when needed.

I love wearing scarves to class because no matter what the temperature in the classroom is, I can easily adjust. If it gets too cold, I am able to put my scarf back on, and I can remove it if I get too hot. This Fashionisto had the same idea.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to rock your favorite scarf on campus! You will look stylish and warm during these cold days. I will never hesitate toward putting on my scarf because it comes in handy and completes the outfit!”