April 22nd, 2015 at 2:00am

I’ve always been terrified of stripes—rather, I’ve feared resembling a prison inmate or Where’s Waldo. Yet, as summer quickly approaches and fashion magazines debut, I’ve come to recognize the many reasons to embrace them: they can be playful and preppy or simply chic depending on how they’re styled; better yet, if worn appropriately, they have the potential to be form flattering. Different colors are appropriate for different occasions, and each variety can dress an outfit up or down.

But it was the Fashionista I spotted on campus this past week that threw me over the edge and into stripe gaga: she wears a deep purple striped, long sleeve tunic dress. It’s always a challenge dressing for spring in Boston, but this Fashionista knows to play it safe by staying cozy on top and by showing some skin on the bottom. She then pairs the piece with a pair of leopard print ballet flats. Thinking of combining two such prints into one ensemble might sound risky, but the brown in the flats brings out the darker tones present within the stripes, preventing any print clashing.

As far as accessories go, our Fashionista sports a bold, chunky J.Crew statement necklace with colored stone detailing and gold embellishments. Once again, our Fashionista makes an awesome statement with the gold piece to contrast against the white in her dress, all while avoiding any dissonance. She furthers this contrast by adding in a delicate, vintage-esque gold watch by kate spade.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Definitely to not be afraid of experimenting with patterns! As long as you’re color coordinated, all should go well. Just cut loose and have fun!”