STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Strapped In And Ready To Go

For the girls who love the spotlight and aren’t afraid to be adventurous, statement dresses were made just for us. Now that spring has sprung, it is the perfect time to step into our go-to dresses that move with us throughout the day. Now that we’ve transitioned into a new season, I can’t help but find myself navigating the “Just In” tabs of my favorite websites. The item that continuously pops up on my screen: the essential dress with an open back and exciting straps.

This Fashionista radiates coolness with her daring look. Edginess meets ultimate comfort with the free silhouette of the dress and unexpected crisscrossing straps on the back. I absolutely love how her striped dress appears to be a basic addition to her wardrobe, but in reality is a sassy piece with unique strap accents, which allow a lacy bandeau to peek through. This mix of reinvented classic dresses paired with edgy lines is brilliant.

This Fashionista isn’t afraid to have a little fun with her style. She continued her killer vibes with black leather booties detailed with buckles. On top of that, she rocks minimal jewelry and keeps the focus on the dress. I also adore her denim jacket, which feeds off her unexpected touches. This lighthearted styling makes me realize fashion should always be fun and reminds us not to get stuck in a rut. All in all, your outfit is all about attitude, so remember: the only way to strut is with style.

My favorite part about this Fashionista’s look is that it’s a timeless pattern of black and white stripes and a classic shape with a surprising touch of edge. There are different dresses with different attitudes based on the different patterns of straps on the back. Find the one that best matches your style, whether it’s a romantic fit and flare, a flirtatious slip or a dreamy sundress. The different straps are the perfect accent and give character to your look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Keep it simple, but keep it interesting. I love this dress because it’s a classic striped dress with a baby doll fit, but the back of it makes it totally edgy and unique. Instead of pairing it with flip flops and just wearing it as a beach cover up, pair it with booties and a jacket and it becomes an outfit you can wear to class or out on the weekends!”