For the past few years, super skinny jeans have taken over the denim world. Flared jeans attempted to move their way back in, unsuccessfully. Regular skinny jeans just weren’t tight enough. We needed to move straight to jeggings, the tightest type of denim any Fashionista can dream of. I’m here to tell you that things don’t need to be such a squeeze anymore. Slowly working their way back into the fashion world is the classic straight leg. No more fuss with extra denim that won’t fit into your Bean Boots, and certainly no more worrying about removing your barely legal jeggings in a graceful manner. Straight leg denim provides the best of all worlds.

Best of all, it does not discriminate against body types. Tall, short, curvy, thin–a straight leg silhouettes your natural form for a look that appears effortless, yet holds the power to transform anyone who lays eyes on it back into the ’80s. If you love rocking masculine pieces, adding straight leg denim to your wardrobe should be a no-brainer. They have that masculine edge, but also provide the touch of femininity that each outfit needs. Prepare yourself for comfort, because 2015 is bringing some of the coziest slouchy pants.

Best yet, the versatility of these pants will leave your wallet and wardrobe satisfied. Check out how this Fashionista styled her straight legs. With a pair of the blackest black denim, she adds a black and white striped T-shirt to lighten up the look. She layers a mint green leather jacket overtop of her T-shirt for an edgier look, allowing her to top it off with a maroon beanie. She takes advantage of minimal accessorizing, with a “Philly” layered necklace and a pair of chunky tan booties. Lastly, this Fashionista rolled up her straight leg jeans so that her booties are more apparent, a lesson we should all note in our fashion diaries.

Straight leg denim looks great with anything with even the slightest of a heel. Heels, chunky or thin, gives these jeans the touch of femininity that they need. If heels aren’t your thing, try pairing them, rolled up, with Converse or tuck them into boots. When spring comes along, slip on a pair of flats. With the straight leg cut, simplicity is key to nailing any look. Oversized T-shirts and long, flowing cardigans work wonders for these jeans. Throw on a striped sweater, light scarf and a pair of loafers to look and feel good in any setting.

The possibilities are endless with these newly trending jeans, so play around with them. Rip them up, indulge in patchwork, doodle on their seams, buy them in leatherany way you style them, you’re bound to hit the CollegeFashionista feed. Let’s see what you’ve got.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “Always dress to impress, no matter where you’re headed. This week, it’s my chunky heeled booties that make me feel feminine and confident, ready to conquer anything life throws at me.”