It seems like the long-awaited spring weather is finally catching up. Green grass is finally poking through, but there is still that chance that there will be a pang of cold in the air. The sun is shining and it’s finally time to peel back most of the layers, but it would be wise to keep at least some. Now that the snow is finally melting, it’s time to give your boots a break!

When walking to class, I spotted this Fashionista because of the way she coordinated her outfit with all alike colors. She kept true to the cooler weather by wearing a monochromatic palette, but gave a taste of spring by using a soft color to pop. I love that even though darker colors are associated with the winter months, she decided to add pastel to give the outfit a feel of springtime. Another detail I noticed with this Fashionista was the mix of fabrics from canvas to leather.

Putting this outfit together, she opted for comfort, which is always a smart choice during your long days of class. She paired a lightweight black jacket that had a relaxed silhouette with a white tube top—a warmer weather piece that is just itching to come out of almost every Fashionista’s closet. She then decided to top off the look with a chic pair of leather leggings. To tie together the entire look and my favorite part of her outfit, this Fashionista opted for a pair of lavender Converse sneakers. The shoes make her outfit refreshing and give us the feeling that spring is finally arriving. While playing with layers and making one aspect of her outfit stand out, this Fashionista is welcoming warmer weather in all the right ways. Take note of her color scheme, staying true to darker colors associated with chilly temperatures, but taking a chance to add a soft and lighter color to be noticed.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Every time I think about styling an outfit, I think of how I feel when I’m wearing something and not everyone else feels. I want to always stay true to my style, which is a mix of classic, elegant and a bit of edge.”