When it comes to style, I think black is definitely one of the best go-to colors when it comes to figuring out what to wear. It’s so simple and can be matched with any color. This Fashionista rocks a black outfit with some color peeking out here and there.

I love the dress and how she matched it with her boots. I’ve actually never thought to wear black leather boots with a dress the way she did, but it looks so cute that I’ll definitely try that out next time. The gray cardigan was great touch to the look, giving it a different shade while staying in the same hue.

When it came to accessorizing, her geometric headband was such a great touch to add as it gave the whole look a little detail. I especially loved how it wasn’t too obnoxious, but very subtle and enough to add on a little something to the entire outfit.

The boots and the layering of the socks is another part of her outfit that I loved. I’m all about layering and she definitely pulled it off with her boots. The look shows that it’s not entirely warm enough to just wear a dress and heels, but to keep it a little casual and warm, she wore the boots and added layers with her socks and gray cardigan.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Just wear what you are comfortable in. Don’t be afraid to take risks and it’s definitely better to stand out than to blend in. The better you dress, the better you feel.”