I don’t know about you, but once the cherry blossoms bloom and sun peaks out from the clouds, I am ready to break out the summer dresses. Unfortunately, by doing so, I also cause goose bumped legs and freezing, sandal clad feet. Spring can be an awkward transition because while you readily embrace the sun, the weather isn’t quite ready to commit. So here we are, standing in front of our closets every morning, debating between wearing a sweater and pants, or eagerly going for a dress.

This Fashionista has a great outfit that includes a cropped sweater over a dress, making the perfect spring outfit. She wears a lightweight, chambray dress with a sweet knotted back. While the dress looks very summertime-appropriate, she put the cropped sweater over top, which acts as a transitional piece for the new season. Here is a geometric printed crop sweater similar to hers, a textured one, a graphic printed one and a striped one. The short boots and socks are reminiscent of the past season but also allow her to appropriately bare her legs. Sticking to neutral colors allows for versatility and allows you to experiment with different textures or patterns. Additionally, she chose a fresh face with little to no makeup and effortlessly wavy hair. Spring should be a time to inspire easy layering, fresh faces and a carefree attitude.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Open back dresses are a cute and fun way to keep cool when it gets hot out. But they also look very stylish!”