Now that spring has finally arrived, Fashionistas on campuses across the country are ditching their worn-out boots from winter for other footwear that is a bit more seasonal. Where do we even start now that we get to wear the other half of our wardrobe that has gone untouched for the past few months? I found a Fashionsta who found her starting point to ease into spring fashion.

As college students, we spend a lot of our time walking back and forth across large campuses. This leads most of us to seek out comfortable footwear options, which is exemplified in this Fashionista’s sneakers. Sneakers have come a long way from their beginnings as an athletic shoe. While they still hold a monopoly in the athletic world, their style has been adopted and manipulated by both “sneaker culture” and “athleisure” wear. Even if you are the type who simply likes to dabble in different styles without fully committing to the look, there are plenty of easy sneakers waiting for you (Vans, Converse All-Stars, etc.). The important thing is to find a style, color, pattern and texture that fits your everyday needs.

This Fashionista found a pair that is the perfect fit for her look. She took what would otherwise be a basic T-shirt and jeans combination and added a bit of edge. The edginess comes from her light wash, ripped jeans and metallic hardware seen in her watch, necklace and backpack. Lastly, she added a bold pop of color with her bright red Vans. With the perfect blend of style, comfort and bold accessories, she will be sure grab the attention of the sporty cuties in class.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Going into a week with such nice weather, I planned to keep it simple.”