STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Spring Pant-emonium

Birds chirping? Heck yeah! It’s spring season ladies and gents!

What better way to push yourself into the spring season than a pair of funky pants?! While the weather is still somewhat mild, it is best to find fun patterned pants to spunk up that style.

I would like to draw your attention to the pants. They are the main focus of her outfit, but this Fashionista knew exactly what she was doing by pairing together this weather appropriate ensemble. The classic wrap over jacket adds a different look than just a normal zip-up. The casual style of the jacket also keeps the overall look intact. This is perfect for March weather because it will keep you warm but not overheated. She chose the jacket in a light gray color that matches with almost anything.

The pants. Ugh, I love these tie-dye leggings that the Fashionista paired with her outfit. The carefree pattern reminds me of my good ‘ole days. I used to love anything in a tie-dye print and the blue color scheme is to die for. Leggings are my go-to, and putting the focus on your pants is always an easy way to put an outfit together.

However, don’t veer too far when purchasing a pair of patterned leggings because you don’t want to be “that girl” in class who people wonder where in the world would she have possibly found those pants. As always, stick to a basic pattern. Simple is better and it keeps you looking put together while still staying chic. The tie-dye is fun because the colors are very neutral and the rest of her outfit is perfectly coordinated with the color scheme.

Moving on… sneakers. Yes. High-top sneakers are hot! I absolutely love a good pair of sneakers for the spring season. High-top sneakers are so easy to throw on and go with any look. She found an adorable suede sneaker that pulls this whole outfit together. It is easy to find these kinds of sneakers at any price point as well. I personally wear my black high-tops everyday and am loving it in this look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Spice up your wardrobe and put those eyes on the prize. Fun-patterned, but not over-the-top pants are what you want to keep in mind for this upcoming spring season.”