Spring is here, and that means that clothes are getting shorter, brighter and cuter. Spring is one of the best seasons because of all the outfits you can wear. For the warmer days, it is sundresses and sandals, and for the windier days, it is leggings, a tank top and a light jacket. Everyone on campus has spring fever, including this gorgeous Fashionista.

This Fashionista is rocking a navy skirt and black quarter-sleeve shirt. She paired it with a washed-out, light jean shirt. She pairs these items with a pair of navy Vans to create a sportier look. This is the perfect outfit for a day of classes because it is cute and also comfortable. The one thing that makes this outfit original is how the light washed denim shirt is used. It makes the outfit unique because it is used as a jacket instead of a shirt, the way most people use it for. Layering is very in for the spring 2015 season. Layering is also perfect for this weather because of all the changes. If the day gets warmer, she can always take it off and still look fabulous.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My style advice would be to pursue spring wear in layers. It may seem, warm but always have a sweater of some sort. It’s not 100 percent spring weather yet. It’s cold in the shade, and the wind makes it worse. So break out all those adorable spring outfits, but always have a backup plan with you.”