Fashion is not always comfortable. We all can relate to that one time the very cute but uncomfortable pair of shoes were on sale, and you knew they would look great with the new dress you bought last week. The shoes attractiveness will override the discomfort felt while wearing them. More and more, I see women wearing a garment or a pair of shoes because they are not only stylish but functional. Especially college students, with everything that needs to be done day to day, they want an outfit that is comfortable to wear. This college student does just this yet makes it cool and sporty.

She wears a pair of adidas sweatpants to start off her sporty look. The sweatpants are what really sets what trend she is wearing. If she would have chosen a different pair of pants like jeans, her outfit would have been much different. She pairs her sweatpants with a slightly see-through, black, lace top to show off her bralette underneath. With the top, her outfit is cool and trendy while still being comfortable. She tops her outfit off with a pair of plain sneakers to add to the simplicity of her outfit. She doesn’t need jewelry or major accessories with an outfit that makes a statement all by itself.

This Fashionista proves that fashion can be comfortable while still being functional and appealing. As a college student in Chicago, having good style is something one strives for. I’d say she is doing a pretty good job. Remember, you can be stylish while still being comfortable.