Moving into 2016 the sporty-chic trend we have all grown to love is still very on trend. What makes this trend so great is how harmoniously it can coexist with other trends and styles. Sportswear as a fashion trend has been evolving for the past few years, and is continuing on the direction of minimal, sleek and luxurious. Destroying any boundary between daywear and active wear. Along with the boundaries being destroyed, any faux pas surrounding wearing gym gear outside of the gym has also diminished.

This Fashionista has mixed a minimalist styled outfit and made it a little sportier by wearing a great pair of high-top sneakers she found at ALDO. Fashionistas don’t have to suffer through a long day in heels anymore; a nice pair of designer sneakers has become just as chic. This trend has transformed active wear into a chic display of causal glamour. Another wonderful benefit to adapting a sporty-chic wardrobe is how comfortable sporty-chic garments are.

Along with these hip sneakers this Fashionista has worn a cream-colored crop top and matching skirt set. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Taylor Swift have propelled these very chic two-piece matching sets into popularity. And they can be found at nearly every fashion retailer. A great advantage to owning a two-piece marching set is the versatility they can be worn together or as separates with other sporty options.

To complete the sporty-chic outfit this Fashionista has on a long dark gray trench jacket. Long trench jackets have also been very popular with celebrities recently. Every Fashionista needs one of these in her closet. They can be found in virtually every color and fabric. For the final touch this Fashionista sported a trendy dark purple matte lipstick. A dark lip really completes the look.

As I mentioned before, this New Year is coming with updated new athletic-inspired pieces for everyday street-styled outfits, be sure to add a couple pieces into your wardrobe on your next shopping day.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Chic designer sneakers have become a staple in my wardrobe they have become a comfortable alternative to heels, while still maintaining my style.”