Whenever I want to add interest to a casual outfit, I pay a visit to the outerwear section of my closet. A blazer can make a V-neck shirt appear more polished, bomber jackets can make a plain sheath dress more fun, and solid color cardigans can help tone down a loud patterned outfit. This Fashionista used a light gray varsity jacket and pink baseball cap to create a ready for class ensemble that was both sporty and feminine.

Color choice matters when you are creating a look that is a mashup of two different styles.  This Fashionista chose a baby pink top and cap in order to anchor the overall aesthetic of her outfit. The blue detailing in her gray varsity jacket is the same shade as her high-waisted jeans, ensuring that the ensemble remains cohesive. This Fashionista keeps the focus on her overall sporty-chic look by wearing simple accessories, like a gold necklace.

Great stylists know that every element of an outfit must work together in order to emphasize the right pieces. That means that choosing the right pair of shoes and jeans is just as important as picking out a trendy jacket or top. This Fashionista’s choice to tuck high-waisted jeans into a pair of leather booties keeps the look sharp and streamlined. Therefore, the rest of her look doesn’t detract from the main focus of her outfit: the bomber jacket and baseball cap combo.

Whether if you want a new outfit to wear for a college sports game or are looking for new ways to rock your varsity jacket, take some notes from this Fashionista’s playbook. Pair a jacket with a matching baseball cap and shirt. Make sure to avoid flare jeans and heels so that the ensemble doesn’t become too busy. Don’t own a pair of booties like this Fashionista? No worries—a pair of white tennis shoes would look equally rad.