I got spirit, yes I do! I got spirit, how about you?

Every student believes their school is the best and that they have the most school spirit, but every individual chooses to show this differently. Whether it’s with face paint or your school letters painted across your body, representing your school to the fullest during a pep rally or a sporting event is imperative. Another aspect important to school spirit is the outfit that you wear. It must accomplish being a casual, comfortable look, while broadcasting the school’s colors and symbols. Many students strive to achieve this trend, but fail to allow their own personal style to shine through. This is the opposite for this Fashionisto caught decked out in Philadelphia University gear on a sunny afternoon.

Sporting the university’s official maroon windbreaker, this Fashionisto complements the jacket with a black V-neck top, a pair of ankle rolled medium wash jeans and white Converse sneakers. He accessorizes with a slim band and multicolored beaded bracelets for the added arm candy. Simple and compact, this Fashionisto demonstrates his PhilaU pride to the fullest. The trend of sporting school propaganda is common among many college students because of the ability to easily look the part without even trying. Most students settle for baggy sweat pants and oversized hoodies, but this Fashionisto chooses to stand apart and rock a look that exudes his personal style and flare.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Pride! When representing your university, you want to make sure that you stand out. That doesn’t necessarily mean with loud horns or bells and whistles, but making your school known.”