April 15th, 2015 at 2:00am

This spring and summer season, the ’70s are coming back in a big way on runways and streets. Say hello again to the ever fashionable style of your parents! Just kidding, but be ready to embrace some of the ’70s best pieces and fabrics.

This Fashionista went back in time and rocked that style in a modern and chic way. The shirt acts as the centerpiece for the outfit with its cute and large floral netting. The back of the shirt is super interesting to look at and gives the outfit a unique aspect that it would not have without the tie at the top. It’s all about details in loose, comfortable blouses. The shirt’s fabric is reminiscent of peasant tops made from organic fibers. Three-quarter length sleeves are perfect for the in-between temperatures of spring as they can be layered or can keep you warm without a jacket.

For a rainy day, this Fashionista brought some modernity to the look with her adorable booties and cuffed skinny jeans. They offer sharpness to an otherwise loose ensemble. Moreover, the olive parka acts as this Fashionista’s raincoat but also adds some color to the outfit without overwhelming it. The neutrals are very retro as the ’70s were all about natural colors and relaxed vibes. I think the reason this decade is coming back is because the cuts are so comfortable and fun. While you may not want to convert your entire wardrobe into the costume department from That ’70s Show, a few pieces here and there would instantly spice up your closet this spring.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I think it’s always fun to have a interesting piece that no one else will have. I like having at least one part of my outfit stand out from the rest of what girls seem to be wearing. If you have a relatively plain outfit, spice it up with some cool jewelry or an interesting top!”