STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Slumming it to the Festival

SoCal locals experience summer all year round, so we basically adjust our clothing accordingly. If you’re hitting up one of the many summer festivals or shows here in L.A., then you’ll see either a lack of clothing or too much! Layering is a popular trend all year round no matter where you live. It’s a lot easier for your festival travels to take pieces off than to try to put jeans on in public.

This Fashionisto is dressed comfy-causal as he plans to make light layers a staple while heading up north for OutsideLands 2015 in San Francisco, CA. Starting off with a color-block baseball T-shirt, he adds a creme, short sleeve button-down for some length and dimension. At risk of getting the shivers in the cool Bay Area? This is no problem as he adds a green, thrifted jacket that provides extra heat for those musical filled nights that drop into the low 50’s. San Fran is known for its infamous hills, so don’t forget your walking shoes. And besides, you seriously do not want people stomping all over your toes as they’re getting their groove on.

Festivals up north can be unpredictable in terms of weather, so trendy layers prep for both cool and warm days. If you’re heading down south, I would skip the jeans and snag a pair of cool board shorts for all you dudes out there. Skip the baseball T-shirt and stay with the short sleeve button-down to catch some rays.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I’m more into the minimal look for these types of outings. You should make a statement, but don’t compromise comfort with something that just looks good to anyone looking at you.”