April 21st, 2015 at 2:00am

It’s no secret that one of this spring’s most popular trends devotes an ode to the ’70s. Seeing the way that many designers have incorporated the colors and different types of draping into their designs shows just how much history can repeat itself, especially in fashion. (Hint: never throw anything away!). Bright colors were particularly trendy in this hippie era.

This specific Fashionista blends more than just those bright ’70s colors into her outfit. She also incorporates the skater-esque shoes that are now totally back in and not just for Avril Lavigne. By mixing her slip-on shoes with the also trending pops of color, she creates the perfect clash.

The slip-on shoes have adapted into a multitude of styles. My first thought is like I mentioned before: skater boys with their black skinny jeans and flowy hair. But now, these shoes have shown me they can also be girly, colorful and most of all, extremely comfortable for walking to classes all day.

Looking at this Fashionista you can tell why these shoes are so popular and coming back in a major way. On a somewhat warmer day here in Lexington, she opts for a light black sweater with some dark wash skinny jeans. She adds the perfect accessories that include aviator sunglasses, a simple gold necklace and the perfect lip color. A flashy outfit isn’t needed when your shoes are telling the story! Follow and this Fashionista’s footsteps (literally) and channel your inner ’70s skater girl.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My favorite color is black, definitely. So when I can add some little pops of color I will always try to. The slip-on shoes really go well with my style and are also so comfortable!”