There are some days you wake up and simply refuse to put on anything that isn’t made of cotton or extremely soft. On those days, the best thing to wear is to wear a comfortable pair of skinny sweatpants. Especially in Binghamton where many students dress down regularly when attending classes, it is easily possible to make an outfit trendy even just with a pair of sweats. The trick is all about what top, shoes and accessories you wear to show off how surprisingly fashionable simple sweats can look.

This Fashionista is a prime example of someone who looks cute and comfortable at the same time. She wears light gray sweatpants, otherwise known as joggers, with a black sweater and black high-top Converse, three items that are seemingly boring when apart but trendy and adorable when thrown all together. She looks like someone who still cares about her appearance because of how she presents herself while wearing this outfit.

Converse are often forgotten about or overlooked these days because of how long they have been in style for, but a good pair of Converse can finish off any outfit. Especially when worn with the style of pants she has on, they give her a cutesy-casual look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Dress comfortably! I cannot even count how many pairs of these types of sweatpants I have. Depending on the weather, throw on a cute sweater, tank top or even light jacket and you’ll look adorable no matter what.”