STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Skin Tight Is No Longer Right

Say goodbye to super skinny, unbreathable, difficult to wear, uncomfortable clothes, and say hello to the new, super stylish, loose fitting, ultra comfy trend. Nowadays, the looser the fit, the better, especially when it comes to pants. Not only are loose fitting pants more fashionable than super skinny jeans, but they are also more comfortable. Runways all over the world have been displaying the airy pants that this Fashionista is rocking for this season!

The reason that these pants stand out is because of the dramatic color change with the rest of the outfit. Because everything else is black, our attention is automatically drawn to the camel colored pants that were ever so popular this winter. Not only are these pants on-trend because of the fit, but also for their color. According to, the light brown/beige color family has been dominating garments this fall/winter. So if you have yet to purchase any beige garments, don’t worry; you’ve still got a little time!

This look reminds me of how girl groups dressed in the early ’90s (at least from what I have seen in pictures!) Even without wearing skin tight clothes, the women in groups like TLC managed to look feminine and fabulous at the same time.

These cuffed pants are paired wonderfully with a black peplum tank top and leather jacket. For her shoes, she has on black leather chunky brown heeled ankle boots. To accessorize the look, she is wearing a gold spiked statement necklace and magenta lipstick.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Never feel pressured to wear something just because it is a “societal norm.” When everyone else is wearing skinny jeans, wear something baggy or loose. Wear whatever makes you comfortable because your style is a reflection of you!”