As I’m strolling the streets in Monterey, California, I stumbled upon a few gentlemen getting their skate session in for the day. After observing a few tricks and kick flips, it dawned on me that skateboarders aren’t getting the fashionable street credit they deserve. Skateboarders have some of the most original and genuine street style out there.

This Fashionisto kept it simple by pairing his T-shirt with a pair of black joggers and high-top adidas sneakers. The bright blue of his shirt created an accent of color that stood out among the rest of his ensemble. His black joggers are perfect for staying comfortable while skating the streets, keeping him stylish, as well. Sneakers that are equally comfortable and fashionable allow this Fashionisto to get the most use out of them on his daily grind. His printed socks are what sold me on this skater boy’s street style, and the bright and bold colors help gravitate your eyes to his sick board skills. Finally, a skater’s number one accessory is a board. Try to think about it like a purse to a Fashionista. The natural wood is complemented by bright reds and blues, ultimately leaving heads turning while this Fashionisto rolls through the streets.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I’m not one that knows a lot about fashion, but I do know dressing for comfort is what matters most to me, and if you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, then you’ll look good and feel confident, too.”