This Fashionista is an Italian student at my school in Florence, Italy—Polimoda. It’s been two weeks since I arrived on campus for my semester abroad and I am absolutely loving the fashion here. Twice in the last week, I happened to photograph this fashion student. Even with a simple outfit like the one I selected to feature, she always stands out. I wanted to highlight this outfit specifically because it was simple—it’s a look anyone can replicate and feel comfortable in for a long day at school.

Pictured, you can see a deep blue, faux fur mid-length coat. Wrapped around the outside of the coat along the shoulders is a large, black knitted scarf. I absolutely love this idea. This style of wrapping the scarf around the outside of the coat is very common here among Italians, and is a super easy way to make a simple coat super chic. Playing it up with different colored scarves and patterns could be a great way to change it up every day too. Not only does the black color look great as an understated, chic look for this Fashionista, but even a hot pink or bright orange scarf, paired with a beret, would make for a statement ensemble.

The black, short-length pant was a perfect choice to feature the high-rise socks that reflect the color of the coat. What I also love about this Fashionista’s outfit is her reference to the infamous Gucci, with the signature black, platform penny loafers. The chains on the shoes give an edge to her look, and coordinate with the simple, double ring that she chose to wear. Of course, the look is topped off with a fresh manicure in a subdued blue that completes the outfit.

I look forward to capturing what this Fashionista does next and I can’t wait to see this trend make its way to the states!

Comment your thoughts below and feel free to let me know how recreating this look works for you. Love always.