Your alarm sounds like a shrill shriek of an emergency alarm on a sunny, May morning. Your clock reads 8:57 a.m. and your midterm starts promptly at nine o’clock. It looks like you will be embarking on a hurried morning run through campus. However, this feat does not allow for your favorite pair of high-waisted denim cutoffs. They largely miss the comfort and mobility mark. You want to wear a dress, but your active lifestyle on this particular morning asks you to save that flouncy fit and flare dress for going out on the weekends. Your look calls for the perfect combination of versatility and comfort, and there’s really only one candidate that is ready to step up to the starting line: the romper.

This piece of style mastery is the perfect dressy twist for this Fashionista’s active lifestyle. She pairs her daisy print romper with a light-weight chambray shirt to fend off the last remaining bite of Oregon’s spring air. However, when the sun shows its face, her floral print is ready to make its debut. Inspired by the pin-up style of the 1940s, this Fashionista showcases a short romper with a pair of comfortable, strappy wooden heels for a look that makes you wonder when her legs might end.

Her brilliant blend of print and texture ensures that her look is a definite “forget-me-not.” The subtle, delicate daisy print supplies a genius twist on loud, busy florals. This Fashionista is no stranger to guaranteeing that subtle details are planted throughout her outfit with her use of mauve, rose beauty accents. Her rose lip matches effortlessly with her nails framing her daisy romper with a feminine flare.

So, when midterms have you running back and forth across campus all morning. Your romper is as important as your morning coffee and a set of stretches. It will get you there just in time!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like rompers not only because they are feminine and flirty, but they are functional. I wear them to events where I’m not trying too hard to look fancy but I want to look nice. It’s a great way to casually sophisticate your look.”