To anyone who has ever had their grandparents ask why you would pay for jeans that already have holes in them, this Fashionista has the answer for you. Ripped jeans instantly make any outfit more casual yet effortlessly sexy. This style is perfect for daily wear, rocking out at a concert or just going out to eat. As someone who typically only wears clean cut jeans without rips, the way these were styled grabbed my attention right away. This Fashionista inspired me to incorporate ripped jeans into my wardrobe because of how they tied this look together.

This is a trend that is currently a must have for your denim collection, but they also never really go out of style. There are no pairs exactly the same with varying sizes, placement, and amounts of rips. Not to mention the array of washes, fading and fits. This helps make your jeans unique even if there are other people sporting the same style. The best part? You can even DIY a pair of old jeans that you are bored of and completely customize it to your liking!

Ripped jeans have a wide range of styling potential. They can be worn with casual T-shirts or dressed up with a blouse and heels to add visual variety to a fancier outfit. This Fashionista similarly uses this contrast to her advantage by adding a sparkling necklace creating a girly grunge inspired look. She also used a red lipstick to add another touch of pizazz and feminity. This created a cool effect with her blue and white flannel, which allowed the red to really pop. The Fashionista’s biker boots perfectly bring the whole outfit together by adding just the right amount of edge.

Think that ripped jeans and an edgy look aren’t your thing? Think again! Add some edge to your look this fall and you will be ripped into shape.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be hesitant to revamp a casual flannel and ripped jeans look by experimenting with accessories and bold makeup. Try a daring red lip and a statement necklace, along with a trendy pair of boots!”