We’ve all walked into those expensive little boutiques and seen a shirt that we are dying to have but is extremely overpriced. I know that this can be a huge let down, but it is just so in style this season it almost kills us not to break our bank for it. Trends are important to Fashionistas but sometimes it’s hard to be able to afford them all.

This season a huge trend is distressed T-shirt‘s and those for some reason can be extremely expensive, usually priced around $80! I don’t know about you but being college girl I do not have the money for that. Well this beautiful Fashionista decided to get creative and put some scissors to work. She told me, “First I searched for a shirt that I liked to use as an example, then simply bought a pack of three small men’s shirt from Walmart. Then, I just started cutting and ripping holes in one.” It looked like it was from a high-end designer! She paired this homemade shirt with a thrifted belt and some simple black skinny jeans making it look very high class. My favorite part about her style is that she looks expensive and classy but really she just used her own little touch to give is that extra push. This is a look that anyone can accomplish and the homemade shirt is super versatile making it a project that is very worth tackling. A little creativity can keep you looking trendy and keep your bank account happy.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “For me personally, I just think it’s all about pairing casual pieces with an expensive statement piece to balance out the outfit and make it look effortless but still put together.”