October 19th, 2016 at 2:05am

Finding the perfect balance between refined, yet casual style is always a bit tricky. I always either look like I am going to an interview or it is obvious that I am running errands. This Fashionista knows exactly how to create the perfect ambiguous outfit using a couple of classic pieces like a chiffon black top paired with casual high-waisted mom jeans and laid back mules. She can be in any situation and still look the part in her effortlessly versatile look.

My favorite part of her outfit, other than the to-die-for Chloé cross-body bag, is her great shoe choice. I absolutely love the fact mules have made a comeback for the better. They are as comfy as any slip on, yet look a bit more classic in style. I have seen preppy, bohemian, edgy, girly and even sporty looking mules. They seem to cater to your personal style and all you have to do is find the right ones for you. They are also very easy to style since you can literally pair them with your favorite tee and distressed denim to elevate your daily look, or wear them with a cute top and skirt for a night out. Never forget to style, layer, and accessorize appropriately.

My style advice of the week is to experiment with different looks. Try to add a feminine touch to your edgy look, add soft bohemian vibes to a rocker outfit, or simply mix decade trends. Even though some styles might seem to technically clash, you might surprise yourself and find the perfect match. Isn’t fashion all about finding what works for you?
Blocked heeled shoes, fashionable slip-ons, the infamous mule—whatever you call them, I highly recommend that you give them a try!