STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Repurpose and Restyle

December 20th, 2016 at 2:00am

When you’re in college, dressing fashionably isn’t always as easy as it sounds. After groceries, gas and textbooks, it can be hard to find the funds to purchase the new trendy pieces out on the market. However, us Fashionistas are not deterred! When our budget is minimal, we raid the thrift stores and gratefully accept the hand-me-downs from older siblings or fellow Fashionistas. This week’s style advice comes from a Fashionista that gets an A+ in shopping smart and styling her vintage finds.

The all black, vertically ribbed midi skirt was a find from a second hand store in the downtown area, and the distressed jean jacket was a hand-me-down from a college roommate. The black skirt paired with a black turtleneck creates a sophisticated, sleek base that can be easily accessorized to meet the style preference of the wearer.

This Fashionista gave the look a more casual feel by layering the denim jacket over the ensemble. The jacket also simultaneously adds a hint of edge to the casual theme due to the light, acid wash and the distressed hems. To polish off the look she added a silver cuff bracelet and a gemstone ear cuff with silver detailing to match the bracelet, and a pair of staple, black ankle booties.

Along with looking polished and sophisticated, the outfit maintains a level of functionality due to its heavy fabrics and layering pieces, which is important when you live in a region with diverse weather. The functionality, style and price of the outfit combined create the perfect example of how to restyle vintage clothing, while keeping it fashionable and wearable. So next time you’re headed out to the mall to purchase some big ticket clothing pieces, stop at a local thrift shop first, or call upon a fellow Fashionista for some hand-me-downs. You never know what you might find!