Have you ever had days when you roll out of bed, and just don’t feel like putting on a bra and would rather wear something that doesn’t itch so much and feel constricting? I know I have. Well, the answer lies in the ever so trending bralette. Available in all sorts of colors and patterns, it is versatile for any style or occasion and is sure to dress up even the most casual looks.

When thinking of this trend, I think of classy, yet conservative. As the times change, the bralette is now coming out of hiding and is trending because of its versatility of being able to wear it under almost any article of clothing and at the same time being so comfortable. It is sure to give the perfect touch of classy to your comfy outfit.

So, how does one pull off wearing this unique piece of clothing? Check out this Fashionista’s look for one of many ways. Some fashionable Ray-Ban sunglasses, a gray sweater, a red cardigan, a simple pair of black leggings and some brown booties still allow for the beautiful black laced bralette to remain the main element of the look. Even with her bohemian-inspired necklace, the black lace shows nicely on both sides, adding the perfect accents to complete this look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My main focus when it comes to wearing bralettes is comfort, so I usually steer clear of wearing anything tight over the bralette, Instead, I stick to loose sweaters and cardigans; this also prevents the outline of the lace showing up under the tight shirt.”