November 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

Attention all Fashionistos! So as we all know, fall is definitely upon us now. The weather is even starting to take a plunge and the time has changed. Now you know that’s when it’s official. But just because the weather is shifting, does not mean your fashion sense has to go to waste.

Many fashion trends creep in and out of style. But then there are those trends that come in and stay in. A quilted vest is one of them. A quilted vest, especially in a neutral color, is a definite go-to for the fall and winter season gents! Not only are these vests versatile, but they are also extremely warm and comfortable.

A quilted vest can be paired with just about any top underneath, hence the reason it’s always best to stick with neutral colors. This Fashionisto decided to pair this thrifted, hot coco-colored quilted vest with a striped button-down shirt underneath. What I really love about the shirt choice is that it’s still a little bright, but toned down so it brings in the warmth of the fall season.

Every outfit always needs one piece that pulls it all together. As you can see, the contrast of colors between the vest and shirt really make this a great go-to fall outfit. However, the hue of pumpkin orange seen in the shirt really comes to life with this snug beanie. Beanies do keep your head warm, but choosing just one color from your outfit and popping that color with an accessory is always a plus. You can never go wrong with a thrifted outfit for any occasion.

What’s your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: “Fall is a season of change. Don’t be so concerned with matching the elements of your outfit. But be more concerned with finding pieces that complement one another.”